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ZoneEmail Dedicated Server Pricing


If you want your own dedicated server for sending emails:
We set up a dedicated server for you within 48 hours.
You get your own dedicated IP address with reverse DNS.
You can use your own domain name or we can provide a subdomain for you like nameyouchoose.zoneemail.co.uk.
The server will only delivering your emails.
You get full control over your email marketing, the software installed on the server is used only by you.

pricing & payments

Prices for sending emails using a ZoneEmail dedicated server are 50% off from the regular price.
If you reach the limit within the current month then regular price will apply for sending further emails.
For ZoneEmail dedicated server plans we will charge £150.00 as a setup fee.

Monthly Cost Emails Limit
£500.00 may send up to 100,000 messages

Full technical specifications of the servers that we use can be found here: Dedicated Servers

pricing & payments

For your convenience we accept payment via credit card or you can use your PayPal Account.
If you do not have Paypal Account, you can still pay by your credit card.


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