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Email Marketing Campaign Software

Our email marketing solution is fast, cost effective and simple to use


With ZoneEmail you can quickly create, send & track emails and help your business keep in touch with your customers by delivering to them fresh information when needed.


Manage contacts

Features & options
Yes Individual add contact by contact
Yes Import contacts via CSV files
Yes Copy & paste contacts
Yes Print, Export into CSV format, Export into PDF format.

Create, Build & Manage Your Email Lists

Features & options
Yes Create Email Lists by adding contacts.
Yes Create Email Lists by choosing them from the contacts that are already into the system masterlist.
Yes Build your Email Lists by creating Signup Forms that add subscribers to your Email List
Yes Confirmed opt-in, you have double opt in feature on the Web Forms.

Create messages

Features & options
Yes You can create messages by using your own template.
Yes You can create messages using one of the available email templates for various business types.
Yes Image upload & hosting included.
Yes Mail merge option which allows you send personalized emails to the recipients using the fields attached to your contacts.
"Dear name", or "this month's special offer available in city".

Create & Manage Marketing Campaigns

Features & options
Yes Set 'Reply-To' header
Yes Multi-part email creation, HTML message, text message or both.
Yes Click Track. Links in your emails will be converted to links that will be redirected via ZoneEmail, clicks are tracked.
Yes View online. Include on top of the message "View online" link that will allow users to read the message online.
Yes Unsubscribe option. Each message has unsubscribe link.
Yes Campaign preview.

Schedule or Immediate Send Emails with ZoneEmail

Features & options
Yes Sending messages. Immediate.
Yes Sending messages. Schedule at a later date.

Open Emails & Bounces Tracking

Features & options
Yes Sent emails tracking.
Yes Bounced emails tracking.
Yes Delivered emails tracking.
Yes Advanced details about Bounced emails.
Yes Open emails tracking.
Yes Unsubscribes tracking.
Yes Click tracking. List & Graphical overlay of clicks grouped by URL or by subscriber.
View which links were clicked generally and down to the individual subscriber.
Yes Print reports, Export into CSV format, Export into PDF format.
Yes Graphical reports.


Features & options
Yes DKIM(DomainKeys Identified Mail), SPF(Sender Policy Framework) records.


Features & options
Yes SSL to keep your information secure and safe during transactions.