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Anti-spam policy

The use of ZoneEmail.co.uk Service is subject to the applicable Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

The use of ZoneEmail.co.uk Service is also subject to the Anti-Spam Policy stated below.
ZoneEmail.co.uk has a strict anti-spam policy and prohibits Customers from sending unsolicited emails in any form while using ZoneEmail.co.uk Service.

1. Legal Requirements

ZoneEmail.co.uk requires all Customers to comply with the legal requirements established for commercial email service providers.

2. Subscribers

Subscribers can be added to the your ZoneEmail.co.uk Account in two ways:
a) by using on your website Subscription webforms that are generated by ZoneEmail.co.uk.
Such subscriptions are double opt-in which means that after a person sign up using the webform they must still validate the subscription via an email that they will receive.
b) importing them directly in to the system.
You must have your subscriber's permission to process their data.

Customers are permited to import in the system:
-Email addresses of staff of your organisation.
-Email addresses collected through an Subscription form on your web site.
-Your customers and persons who have given you their email address to receive information from you.
Customers are not permited to import in the system:
-Lists of email addresses that have been purchased or rented.
-Lists of email addresses that have been copied or scraped off web pages.

3. Composing emails

Any subscription may be cancelled by your Subscribers through one-click in each message.
Such link is created automatically by the system when you create a new message and the Customer should not remove this link from the messages.
When used by the Subscriber the link updates the mailing list to ensure the fact that a subscriber that has opted out will not be sent any further mailings.
When creating a new message The Customer must provide true and accurate information to be used:
-The fields "From" and "To" data must clearly identify the sender of the message.
-The subject of the message must not be deceptive in any way, and for this reason mislead the Subscriber about the purpose and content of the email message.
-The Customer must provide their true and accurate postal address and include this information in each message footer.

4. Sending emails

You can use your ZoneEmail.co.uk Account only to send email newsletters and announcements to persons that have given you their permission to email them.
You must not send messages to any person that has not expressed their consent to receive such information from you.

We reserve the right to issue a warning should the Customer be found violating this Anti-Spam Policy or using ZoneEmail.co.uk Service for any abusive or illegal practices.
Appropriate actions, such as terminating Customer's account without notice or a refund, shall be taken should the Customer appear to perform or be performing practices that are violating this Anti-Spam Policy.


If you want to report any suspected abuse, please notify us immediately at abuse@zoneemail.co.uk.

ISPs and Blacklists Administrators may also contact us at abuse@zoneemail.co.uk. Please forward the complete email in question, including headers.